IoT as Systems of Systems

Transforming new technologies
Data in digital gold.

Ripe for productive use

IoT solutions have long included more than just robot-controlled applications in the Industry 4.0 environment. They range from modern operating rooms, which support surgeons in an intelligent way, to a smart home that knows the shopping habits of its residents and knows how and when to regulate the heating and lighting. At the same time, this fast-paced world has to develop answers to completely new questions: How can business models be integrated into such complex systems? Which billing options and additional services should be provided as added value?

Embedded systems that connect with each other via information systems require agile software development. Their highly cooperative, non-bureaucratic and silo-free work organization, is based on the constant feedback and close cooperation of individual teams. This is because IoT is both multidisciplinary and holistic and requires the integration of your platform with the outside world, whether this is with the interfaces of partners or even within the public sector.


The hardware must communicate with the cloud – the heart of your IoT offering. Appropriate industrial protocols developed for the individual use case must be carefully evaluated and used. This is the only way to run real time systems smoothly.

Digital twin

The digital twin provides an overview of each individual device and its traceability. It enables control over the state of the device in the past, in the present and in the future (predictive maintenance).


You should already have a solid simulation option at an early stage in the implementation of an IoT landscape.


Devices controlled via the Internet require special security measures.


The cloud offers very flexible options for integrating subsystems and has, among other things, a SaaS component that is ideally suited to the IoT landscape. Advantages: simple scaling of the applications and reduced administration effort.

Offering Platform

The digital services are the pivotal point in contact with the customer. This is where additional flexibility is required to withstand the changing demands of the market and to test various business models.

IoT – regardless of whether industrial or B2C – requires a very stable architecture and a high degree of digitisation. That is because in order to test, adapt and establish digital business models, as well as to expand them and enrich them with new functionality through the knowledge gained, all components must be freely adaptable. In addition, a comprehensive periphery must be created from individual digital components, flexible payment options, subscription management, etc.

Our entire know-how is available to you for a successful IoT project:

  • We integrate the interdisciplinary teams with each other and ensure that the cooperation runs smoothly and without silos.
  • We think strategically ahead and build flexible test suites in the early project phases.
  • Thanks to continuous delivery, we ensure that the complete system landscape is always tested and up to date – even before the release is in production.
  • Our services range from a “Firmware Over The Air”, with which we equip new devices, to continuous delivery for the software modules in the back-end and the applications in the front-end.
  • Professional development methods are used .

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