Agile software architecture in top form

Out of the ivory tower
and towards greater efficiency.

Strategic thinking, targeted actions

An architecture description that was created almost completely before the implementation phase often remains gray theory in practice. Software architects of agile projects, on the other hand, place great value on continuously mediating between developers, product owners, managers and other interest groups as well as promoting their creativity. Their role is fundamentally more strategic than that of the developer. They have a holistic view of the system and a vision of the solution, which they can convincingly present to all project participants. With technical leadership and team coaching, our top specialists put best practices to work.

Technical Excellence

The ideal team is a holistic acting organism. In it, we share the understanding of the software architecture and do not assign the responsibility for it to just one person. Because as software architects, we see it as our duty to constantly improve our team from an organizational and technical perspective. Through the coaching of agile development methods as well as disciplined working methods, this develops a sense of the big picture and an increase in quality awareness.

Always a step ahead

Sustainable strategic decisions can only be made from experience – combined with high analytical ability and the ability to create a mental big picture. Crucial in creating a vibrant, resilient architecture are:

  • System context and context boundaries
  • Organizational and technical framework
  • Customer requirements and long-term vision
  • Evaluation of the input of individual participants

Targets reduced to a common denominator

Software projects initially start with several stakeholders who usually speak different “languages”. In IoT projects in particular, several disciplines come together: mechatronics, accounting, software development and many others. Therefore, an “interpreter” is needed to coach the development team, understand the requirement of all parties, weigh them and provide appropriate feedback.

Consequently, future is on the radar

The IT world is a fast-changing world. New technologies and concepts are constantly being added. Some don’t last long, others are wrong and can even be harmful, and only a few establish themselves in the IT environment in the long term and revolutionize the entire industry.. Developing and implementing this intuition is the hallmark of an agile software architecture.

Agile software architecture guarantees the longevity and elasticity of your solution. We will accompany you from the setting up of the team to the achievement of your goal. The result is impressive: expandable and stable, it meets all the requirements of a modern software system.

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