DevOps Model

Software development
as change-friendly as robust

Fearless into the Future

The wider the gap between development and operations, the more difficult it becomes to keep product deliveries at a marketable level. The main reason for this is the traditional model of distributed responsibilities, which has been considered inefficient and wrong for years. Better to switch to the DevOps model and its methodological cornerstones:

Infrastructure as Code

Providing the infrastructure to develop and run enterprise applications has opened up new possibilities over the years, from virtualization to containerization to Infrastructure as Code, where hardware resources are provided securely and robustly in the cloud or virtualized on prem. To this end, we pursue the “Immutable” approach with tools such as Pulumi and Terraform to realize innovations such as system updates or troubleshooting not via configurations, but by restaging the infrastructure. Advantageous especially when there are multiple staging systems in development and due to its descriptive nature.

Continuous Integration and Delivery

If your product always remains deliverable, you can react to new market requirements within the shortest possible time and thus gain an immense competitive advantage. We therefore enable permanent customer feedback through targeted technological measures:

  • Deployment Pipeline Operators such as Microsoft Azure Pipelines or Jenkins
  • Static code analysis (SCA) e.g. with SonarQube
  • Cloud native architecture with Docker Kubernetes and Helm

To effectively leverage all these technologies, we methodically build on Trunk Based Development and Feature Toggles – a highly agile approach that always delivers the latest version of the software to the team.


A highly agile organization has modern tools to monitor ongoing operations and respond as quickly as possible to bugs as they occur. Observability has the following goals:

  • Identify as quickly as possible that a problem exists
  • Identify the location and nature of the problem as quickly as possible
  • To respond to the problem as quickly as possible with the right means

Regardless of whether you are on the move in the Kubernetes cluster or are just thinking about migrating to the cloud, we find and integrate the best-tested (bulletproof) software components. This includes monitoring and logging with ELK Stack and Grafana, distributed tracing with Jaeger or collecting telemetry with Prometheus.

We constantly educate ourselves and develop the best overall solutions for you – operable, secure and scalable. As Digital Strategy on the way of your company to be a Devops organization.

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